Pure Ocean Algae



Our Story

Pure Ocean Algae is a Macro Algae based Biotechnology Company, based on the ruggedly beautiful, unspoilt Beara Peninsula.

Pure Ocean Algae creates vertically integrated value chains from macro-algae and other marine resources. Pure Ocean Algae has the ultimate “Green” credentials, based on a raw material that is 100% environmentally sustainable and ultimately Carbon negative, producing products that are at a premium in the pharmaceutical and Food / Vegetable protein sectors.

Vegetable proteins have become extremely popular, as they are considered a “healthy” protein and are very much “on-trend” with consumers. Macro-algae species are particularly high in protein and are highly valued for their food, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics uses.

The company has over the winter of 2019/20 deployed its first trial lines of Palmaria palmata to sea, with initial results being extremely positive. The company has also taken primary research in tank based vegetative production and succeeded in developing a pilot commercial plant that can produce commercial volumes of Palmaria palmata, at levels approaching 100% per week. These milestones have been achieved ahead of schedule and within six months starting production activities.

This success will form the basis of the commercial rollout of both the commercial sea farms and the expansion of Vegetative production over 2020/21. This will form the foundation of our value chain allowing Pure Ocean Algae, start production of much sort after vegetative protein and protein isolate products.

Pure Ocean Algae owns 40 Hectares of licensed Multi species Seaweed growing sites, as well as a 20,000 sq ft. state of the art, fully licensed, equipped, hatchery and primary processing facility.

June 2021

Shannon ABC Industry Open Day

Michael O'Neill of Pure Ocean Algae presents at the Shannon ABC Industry Open Day and includes a case study with Pure Ocean Algae, outlining how a desk based study can provide R&D and innovation support.